“Welcome to #MyPrivateZlen

Welcome to Your Private Social Bubble.


Change your Social World

True Privacy
Zlen lets you create your private social bubble with your closest friends. A unique Zlen Code prevents unwanted people from accessing and lurking around your profile. Without your Zlen Code, no one can search for you on the app or add you.
Unfettered peace of mind
No unwanted contacts, no forwarded messages, no timeline spam, no work group, no office bosses. Enjoy complete control over whom you engage with.

Change Your Social World.

How many people do you really want to be in touch with daily, without it being an obligation? How many people love you for who you are? Zlen is the place where you can be in touch with people whom you really want to!

How many times have you spoken about something and seen an ad immediately on your timeline while scrolling through social media? We have built an experience that is a seamless combination of direct messaging and social media features to create an ad-free environment that you can share with your closest circle.

An Exclusive Zlen Experience


Get an unique alphanumeric profile code (ZlenCode) assigned exclusively to you! The Goldent Ticket to your personal space. Only through this code can anyone send a request to be part of your private social circle. Whether you choose to accept or reject the request, is up to you. Your space, your rules!


QR Code

We all have lazy people in our friend circle, (always point fingers at others) The easy way to get on the Zlen list when you are together, just scan your friend’s QR Code and send a request to connect.

Display names
Like its said, it’s all in the name!
‘Username already taken’. How many times have you seen this on social media platforms? With Zlen, you can take up any moniker of your choice whether you want to be inspirational like Wonder Woman or sassy like Gina Linetti or as clueless as Jon Snow, we wont stop you. Change your display name as many times as you want, no strings attached.
Status on the go
Bring out the copywriter or the comedian or the drama queen in you and keep your Zlen circle updated on what the rest of the world doesn’t know!


Get notified when someone in your Zlen circle updates their status, changes their DP or their display name. A real-time feed which you can choose to keep notifications on for or switch off, depending on your mood.



Just because it’s a closed circle doesn’t mean that there’s no fun. Zlen has the best features of social media too; so that you can be in touch with your closest friends, make plans, or just have a laugh, all without having to worry about a random 3rd person poking their nose in-between.

Share a video or photo for 24 hours and watch the fun unfold! Like we said, your place, your rules, so you can take off your posts at any point you feel like.


Digital Detox

We care about your screentime. Activate the ‘Digital Detox’ mode and take a break from all the chaos online. Your Zlen circle won’t be able to ping you during your digital detox and all notifications will be kept on hold until the detox expires or you decide to end it beforehand.


What people love about Zlen


  • Aniket Salgaonkar

    “ I have found that Zlen is a great way to share my fun and private vacation moments with my BFF’s :) That way, the world does not get to know”

    Aniket Salgaonkar


  • Ayush Mewadar

    “I have been searching for a group social platform which can help me privately chat with my best friends. I find it a bit weird to be myself on social media where my parents and teachers also are there !”

    Ayush Mewadar


  • Kavita Sakpal

    “I was fed up with unwanted people pinging me every day! Moreover its annoying to know that from my maids to drivers to my watchman can have access to my DP, online status ! Zlen has given me a complete exclusivity and privacy and to be myself and connect with my real mates.” 

    Kavita Sakpal

    Corporate Executive

  • Krutika Desai

    “First my friends were there, then came my office colleagues, then my boss, then my family, my extended family and finally my grandparents are there to see my posts! And yaa.. not to forget my cook sent me a friend request yesterday!!! Finally I can post and be whatever I want on Zlen knowing my own mates are around! No judgements ! no more creating closed groups.  Thank you Zlen !

    Krutika Desai

    Media Professional

  • Disha Mehta

    “It’s my perfect way to unwind after office hours away from the prying eyes of my boss / office work groups I can now freely get away after working hours by keeping my last seen on ;)”

    Disha Mehta

    Working Professional

  • Amit Malgundkar

    “The concept of ZlenCode is just amazing!! This entry barrier doesn’t allow unwanted people to snoop around my profile or search me by my name or mobile number on social media. I feel it’s a perfect place to be away from masses!”

    Amit Malgundkar

    Working Professional

“I was fed up with unwanted people pinging me every day! Moreover its annoying to know that from my maids to drivers to my watchman can have access to my DP, online status ! Zlen has given me a complete exclusivity and privacy and to be myself and connect with my real mates.” 

Kavita Sakpal

Corporate Executive

Here they are!

Meet the Team

Snehal R Gersappa
Snehal R Gersappa
Founder & CEO
Ashwin Datye
Ashwin Datye
Co-founder & CTO
Mahendra Kale
Mahendra Kale
Java Server Architect
Chetan Shinde
Chetan Shinde
iOS Architect
Arvind Shelke
Arvind Shelke
Android Development
Kanishk Gajjar
Kanishk Gajjar
UX/UI Designer
Vikrant Balakrishnan
Vikrant Balakrishnan
Marketing & Branding Lead

Get all your answers!


Zlen is an Indian messaging/social application available on Android & iOS devices wherein you can chat, share photos/videos/media files along with audio & video calls with your ZlenMates individually and in groups.

No need! Your current messenger is going to remain your primary app for day to day communication for masses!. Zlen is the perfect getaway app to be with your close friends during the day/ after working hours to escape the clingy bosses/ away from unwanted persons messages for classes ;) .

No way! We have completely reimagined how people would like to connect with close friends in today's world and built the product accordingly. No one can search you with your name or contact information. This is completely your own private club.

We have given you the best and the easiest way to connect with your friends. You can easily share the link to download Zlen when you are a first time user. Sharing your ZlenCode & QR code is just a click away on your profile page. 

You have  hit the nail on its head my friend : ) That is exactly the reason why you should be on Zlen! Don’t be where the whole world is, elevate yourself to a different class!

When you sign up in Zlen for the first time a unique alphanumeric code is generated for your profile known as ZlenCode. Without this code no one can enter your chatroom and access your personal information.

ZlenCode is specifically designed to maintain utmost privacy in your Chatroom and your for your posts and gives you an option to choose who will be in your chatroom. Due to such barrier unwanted contacts are filtered and you have the option of choosing who will you connect and who can access your information including your status / DP / display name / posts / etc. This also avoids unwanted forwards from unknown persons.

Contacts which are accepted by you are your ZlenMates. Only your ZlenMates are part of your chatroom whom you can chat with and can access your information.

No! Even if the contact is on Zlen, unless you send or receive a request via ZlenCode you won’t be aware whether the contact is on Zlen.

Yes. You will have access to your contacts in Zlen, however they will not be added in your ZlenMates list and access your chatroom unless you have accepted their ZlenCode request.

In your contacts Tab on top Right you will find a tab to add ZlenMate, either manually by entering his/hers ZlenCode or by simply scanning the QR code which is assigned.

Your contact name shall be displayed in ZlenMate list of your friend. However, you have an option of changing your Display Name as you wish which will be seen on your profile page when you chat with your ZlenMate.

You can keep status as per your mood or situation as your wish which will be seen on your profile page when you chat with your ZlenMate.

Whenever any of your ZlenMate changes his/hers Display Name / DP or Status you will get a notification under Updates Tab.

Yes. You can create multiple groups and choose to select Admins too.

You can have Audio/Video call in Individual Chats. However as of now group video /Audio call function is not available.

Under this tab you can post an image/ video which shall be visible for 24 hours to your ZlenMates. Your ZlenMates can comment / Like on your posts which will be seen by your ZlenMates.

Yes. You can comment on the mates posts which will be publicly seen my all your ZlenMates.

Posts will be available for 24 hours.

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